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The Forms Express “Make a Difference” team (affectionately known as MAD) oversees the company’s corporate citizenship activities and has very clear criteria for involvement organisations. Among them is developing a good relationship with our chosen community organisations is key to ensuring we meet their needs and in doing so, provide opportunities for our employees to become involved and experience the results. Below are some of our recent MAD efforts.

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Angkor Hospital for Children

The Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) opened in 1999 and was the first paediatric hospital in Siam Reap. AHC aims to educate the local people so that eventually the AHC will be fully operated by an all-Cambodian staff.

Forms Express has been supporting Angkor Hospital for Children since 2005.

Give Where You Live

Give Where You Live is a volunteer-led non-profit organisation that leads, supports, and participates in collective, inclusive community efforts that build capacity and mobilise resources to improve lives and create positive, long term social change in the Geelong region.

Forms Express has been supporting United Way and now Give Where You Live for over 20 years, to date approximately $110,000 has been contributed.

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